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the forest cleanup

We are nature lovers from Belgium who could no longer ignore the pollution we came across in the forests while hiking. So we started picking it up, but quickly became aware that two pairs of hands can only do so much. 

That’s why we need your help. Because together, we can really make a difference in keeping our forests clean. 


How can you help? 

You can join in on a planned event, organise your own cleanup, help spread the word or fund the project. 

Money raised


Funded by 

1 person


  • €10 - get a free hug :-) 
  • €25 - get a reusable cotton bag
  • €50 - get a reusable cotton bag, bamboo toothbrush, natural soapbar
  • €100 - attend one of our workshops on how to live with less waste
  • €250 - private workshop
  • +€250 - Please contact us if you are a company interested in sponsoring The Forest Cleanup. In return your logo will figure on our website and social media.


Why fund? 

We are a non profit. We need your support to be able to organise events, create the website, promote the project, look for volunteers, provide material, and meet with local authorities and government. 

Thanks to your funding…

  • The Forest Cleanup can plant trees. "Less trash, more trees!" is our motto.
  • The Forest Cleanup can provide bags, gloves, t-shirts, … 
  • We can organise workshops for schools, youth organisations and companies. 
  • We can develop reusable items to help reduce the amount of trash in daily life: shopping totes, reusable fruit/vegetable/bread bags, and other gear for buying bulk. 
  • We can hire employees.
  • We can lift this project to a national level, and beyond.  

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