the forest cleanup


Keep our forests clean.

Let's join forces to pick up litter in the forests of Belgium and work towards a future where nature is kept clean. 


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Be a part of the movement by joining a group or subscribing your team. 


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Join a group on one of  the different cleanups and help keep the forests green.


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Motivate your friends, school or company and organise your own forest cleanup. 

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With more pollution in our forests and oceans than ever before, it's time to take action. This initiative is not a one-time event, but a way of life. A call for a collective effort to clean up nature now, and keep her clean forever.  


Impact and goals for 2018

The amount of trash alongside the road or in the woods is sometimes demotivating. One person can only do so much, but imagine thousands of us joining hands... 




More than 10 000 volunteers help pick up litter.




Over 15 companies support the project in reaching its goals. 



tons of trash

100 000 kilo's of waste gathered from the forests. 


Get involved


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Learn more about recycling or ways of reducing the amount of waste you produce in daily life.

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Contact us if you want to take the lead in keeping your area, city or town clean. 


Thanks to your support, The Forest Cleanup can maximise its impact.


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