Our ways to reduce plastic waste

There are several ways to reduce the waste in our nature. From living a zero waste lifestyle, to recycling and reducing plastic waste. Our core business is to educate, gather volunteers, and change how stuff is produced so it impacts our nature less. 


Zero waste living and workshops

Through several people who have been living a zero waste lifestyle for quite some time, we will educate you regarding the subject. 
Learn everything from using less plastic bags, to refusing straws when ordering a mojito cocktail. 

Volunteering with schools, businesses,.. 

Help us get as many volunteers as possible by contacting your school or business to help us picking up litter in the forest. It is a great team building activity and makes you feel like you're actually doing something good. 

Proper Recycling,  workshops and "Cradle to Cradle". 

Learning how proper recycling works is essential. Education is important, and these people will help you get there. How a product is made, used, thrown away and than re-used are the things you will learn. 

Finding solutions for your companies waste

Contact us if you think you are producing too much waste to see what we can do with it and how we can use it in a way that is profitable for your business.